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Our policies


  • 1. We always be sincere, creative, and proactive.
  • 2. We always explore the new idea to activate community, customer and ourselves.

We know we always need to develop new travel products and services according to the needs of the time. We keep challenging for the bright future of tourism industry.

Management guideline 2020

Greeting from the Manager

To add more value to the tourism industry

We have been carrying on business as Land operator since 1982, supporting both travel company and destination-side from behind the scene. Since 2011, we started to create our original group tour plan (which has been renewed as SATOIRO series from 2020) to introduce the attractions of our local area, Fukuyama, which is located in east Hiroshima. As the pioneer of community-based tourism, we will pursue the evolution to produce attractive travel products, and we would be excited to welcome travelers from all around the world.

Tadashi Itoh/ Manager

Business Overview

As Land operator, we play the key role to connect travel company and all the travelling services

Our services as Land operator

We make travel arrangements in between travel company, Hotels/Ryokans and Tourism Associations. We are registered as Land Operator under the Travel company Act newly enacted as of January 4th, 2018.

To make best proposal for our business partners.

We provide advertising service to our partnership Hotels/Ryokans, as we visit travel company on a regular basis, bring the brochure and recommend its accommodation package. We think close communication enables to make effective linkages with each travel agent, and it brings a result to provide services that meet the customer’s needs. We would like to play an important role with our accumulated experience and knowledge, and attentive service.


We are always kind and polite, promptly respond to your request.

  • ManagerTadashi Itoh

    Favorite thing
    Favorite thing: Hiking.
    I’d walk around in the
    mountain and stay energetic even become old!
    About me
    Now around age 50,
    I’m worrying of my senior moment and flabby belly…
  • Section cheifHitomi Imagawa

    Favorite thing
    Favorite thing: Carp (Baseball team)
    I’m waiting for the day to cheer oud at stadium.
    About me
    I’m a kind of easy quitter but I’m working hard with “Ring Fit Adventure” for my health!
  • StaffYuko Mori

    Favorite thing
    Favorite thing: Cat.
    I’m a cat lover. My best time is snuggle with cats.
    About me
    I’m a homebody, use to draw Manga and play games at home.
  • StaffAyami Kimura

    Favorite thing
    Favorite thing: Crafts.
    I’m at my small atelier with my daughter whenever I have time.
    About me
    I was away from Japan for long time and got back last year. Now I feel everything in Japan is new and exciting.

Our office

Company Profile

Company History1982 Established company.
1989 Registered company as Fukuyama SC itoh Co.,Ltd.
2009 Formulated our policies.
2011 Started to sell our original group tour products.
2014 Expanded business into distant area.
2016 Decided our management guideline.
2017 Newly Built our company building.
2018 Registered as Land Operator.
2019 Certified as Regional Travel Service Supervisor.
2020 Started to sell our renewed original group tour plan SATOIRO series.
Company nameFukuyama SC itoh Co.,Ltd.
Address1-11-30 Miyoshi-cho Minami, Fukuyama, Hiroshima 720-0032
ManagerTadashi Itoh